Is Raw Food Good for Dogs

Discover the Benefits: Is Raw Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Is raw dog food good for dogs? Yes! The raw diet is the best food you can give your dog.

Today, let’s learn about raw dog food, why a raw diet is better than kibble, why raw is the best dog food for gut health, how you can mix raw dog food with kibble for the benefits of raw with less of the cost, and so much more.

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Survey Shows Raw-Fed Dogs Have Better Gut Health

A survey of more than 7,000 dog owners in Finland given multiple times between 2009 and 2019 showed that puppies who were fed mostly dry dog food were 29% more likely to develop digestive problems compared to puppies who ate mostly raw foods and that puppies fed a non-processed meat-based diet were 22% less likely to develop gastrointestinal issues compared to puppies that ate mostly kibble.

While this survey data can’t prove that kibble causes digestive problems, the results do seem to indicate that a raw diet is better for a dog’s gut health in the long term.

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Is Raw Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Yes, raw dog food is good for dogs. Studies have shown that puppies fed a raw diet are less likely to develop certain conditions as adults compared to kibble-fed puppies, including chronic enteropathy (inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders), atopic dermatitis (skin allergies), and chronic otitis (recurring ear infections).

Additionally, owners of raw-fed dogs report that after switching to raw from another type of food, their pups:

  • •Reached and maintained a healthy weight

  • •Had smaller, firmer, less smelly poops

  • •Saw a decrease in allergy symptoms

  • •Had more mealtime excitement

  • •Experienced improved digestion

  • •Had a healthier skin and coat

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Raw Diet vs Kibble Debate

Kibble was created for the convenience of pet parents, and while it must meet certain minimum nutritional requirements, it’s not designed to help dogs thrive. The emerging research listed above shows that raw food is much healthier for dogs than kibble, and anecdotal evidence shows that raw-fed dogs live longer, healthier lives than kibble-fed dogs.

Perceived Problems With Raw Diet for Dogs

Many misinformed veterinarians are against raw dog food due to 2 primary misconceptions. They often believe that raw dog food is unbalanced or that raw dog food makes dogs sick.

However, when you choose a company like We Feed Raw for your pup’s food, you don’t need to worry about either of those problems because our recipes are nutritionally complete and balanced. They were formulated by a PhD animal nutritionist with 40 years of experience to meet AAFCO nutritional requirements for dogs of all life stages, including the growth of large-breed puppies.

Additionally, we use a cold-pressure process to inactivate potential pathogens. By submitting every package of food to extremely high pressure at cold temperatures, we make our food totally safe without cooking it, and we’ve never been involved in a recall.

Dog Food for Gut Health

Studies have shown that fresh frozen raw dog food is easier to digest than kibble, which is evident in the smaller, firmer poop of our customers’ dogs. 70% of your dog’s immune system is in their digestive tract, so it’s easy to see that raw dog food that’s better for gut health also helps support a healthy immune system for a longer, healthier life than kibble-fed dogs.

Why Raw Food Diet for Dogs?

Raw dog food has a variety of benefits compared to kibble, including:

  • •More mealtime excitement

  • •Cleaner teeth

  • •Stronger immune system

  • •Better weight control

  • •Improved digestion

  • •Smaller, firmer stools

  • •Softer, healthier skin and coat

  • •Reduction in allergies

Mixing kibble and raw dog food

Kibble with Raw Dog Food Blends

If you can’t afford to feed your dog a fully raw diet, your dog can see many of the benefits just by adding some raw to their kibble diet. Despite myths to the contrary, it is totally safe to feed kibble and raw in the same meal. Alternatively, you might choose to feed kibble one meal each day and raw in a different meal.

Regardless, adding some fresh, raw food to your dog’s diet can help combat some of the many problems associated with an all-kibble diet.

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What Is the Best Raw Food Diet for Dogs?

The best raw food diet for dogs is We Feed Raw because our recipes were formulated by a PhD animal nutritionist with 40 years of experience; are nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages; go through a cold-pressure process to inactivate potential pathogens; don’t require any weighing or measuring; are perfectly pre-portioned with approximately 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, and 10% finely ground bone plus a small amount of a vitamin and mineral premix to ensure your dog gets all the nutrients they need; and are easy to feed.

Is Raw Feeding Good for Dogs?

Yes, raw feeding is great for dogs! Dogs on a raw diet tend to have better digestion, stronger immune systems, healthier teeth, shinier coats, and smaller poop than dogs that eat only kibble.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs vs Kibble: Digestive Health Focus

Studies have shown that frozen raw food is significantly easier to digest than kibble, which is backed up by the fact that raw-fed dogs have smaller, firmer, less frequent, and less stinky poop than kibble-fed dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Raw Food?

Yes! Not only CAN dogs eat raw food, but they SHOULD! Raw food is easier to digest than kibble, tastes better, adds more moisture to the diet, uses higher-quality ingredients, and can help dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Are Raw Diets Good for Dogs with Specific Health Conditions?

Generally, yes, raw diets are good for dogs with many different health conditions. Having said that, you should always discuss diet changes with your veterinarian if your dog has a health condition that may be affected by their diet.

Half Kibble Half Raw

Dog Eating Raw Food: Transition and Monitoring

Any time you change your dog’s diet, you should transition them to the new food slowly, and the same goes for transitioning a dog to a raw diet. We recommend taking 10 days to transition your pup from kibble to raw, gradually giving them less kibble and more raw food each day until they’re on a totally raw diet (or the final percentage you plan to feed).

Conclusion: Feed Raw for Gut Health

As you can see, feeding your dog a raw diet is the best thing you can do for their gut health. To get your dog started on the life-changing nutrition of We Feed Raw, take our quiz now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a raw diet good for dogs?

Yes, a raw diet is great for dogs! Benefits of a raw diet include:

  • •Fewer allergies

  • •Firmer, smaller stools

  • •Healthier, softer coat and skin

  • •Mealtime excitement

  • •Cleaner teeth

  • •Better weight control

  • •Stronger immune system

  • •Improved digestion

Why is raw food good for dogs?

Raw food is good for dogs because it’s species-appropriate, easier to digest, full of moisture, and uses higher-quality ingredients than kibble.


What are some problems with a raw diet for dogs?

Some veterinarians worry that a raw diet for dogs may not be nutritionally balanced or may make dogs sick. However, We Feed Raw is nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages, and we use a cold-pressure process to inactivate potential pathogens, making our food safe.

How does a raw diet compare to kibble for dogs?

Compared to kibble, a raw diet is easier to digest, contains more moisture, is more species-appropriate, uses higher-quality ingredients, and helps dogs maintain a healthy weight and clean teeth.

Can kibble be incorporated into a raw dog food plan?

Yes, kibble and raw can safely be mixed together for a more cost-effective way to incorporate the benefits of raw into your dog’s diet.

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Why is it important to consider dog food for gut health?

70% of your dog’s immune system resides in their gut, so gut health is closely tied to overall health. Raw dog food is significantly better for gut health than kibble and may help your dog live a longer, healthier life.

What is the rationale behind a raw food diet for dogs?

A raw food diet for dogs is much more species-appropriate than carb-heavy, highly processed kibble. Raw dog food also uses higher-quality ingredients than kibble since they aren’t being processed at the same high heat.

Are raw diets suitable for all dogs?

Nearly all dogs benefit from a raw diet, but nothing can be said to be “suitable for all dogs.” If your dog has any health conditions, you may want to discuss the pros and cons of a raw diet with your veterinarian before making the switch to raw.


How does a raw food diet for dogs differ from traditional kibble diets?

A raw diet for dogs is much less processed and much more species-appropriate than traditional kibble diets. Raw dog food also contains much more natural moisture and significantly fewer carbohydrates than kibble.

Can dogs eat raw food safely?

Yes, dogs can eat raw food safely. In addition to the fact that their highly acidic stomachs are perfectly suited to kill pathogens, We Feed Raw uses a cold-pressure process to inactivate potential pathogens, making it even safer to feed.

Is raw food better for a dog's health than kibble?

Yes, raw food is much better for a dog’s health than kibble. Raw dog food is easier to digest, contains more moisture, uses higher-quality ingredients, and is more species-appropriate than kibble, which is rich in carbohydrates and highly processed.

Kibble and raw dog food

How should raw dog food be mixed with kibble?

You can either mix raw food and kibble together in the same meal or feed one raw meal and one kibble meal per day.

What is the best raw food diet for dogs?

The best raw food diet for dogs is We Feed Raw. Our recipes were developed by a PhD animal nutritionist with 40 years of experience, they’re nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages, and we use a cold-pressure process to inactivate any potential pathogens.

How does dog eating raw food impact their health?

Dogs that eat raw food tend to live longer, healthier, happier lives than dogs that eat only kibble.

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Can You Mix Raw Dog Food With Kibble?

Yes, you can mix raw dog food with kibble for the benefits of a raw diet at a lower price.

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