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A raw diet is what their bodies were made for.

Some of you may ask why raw pet food is the best choice for your dog.Every living being needs certain essential amino acids and enzymes in order to live a healthy life. These essential nutrients are found in a raw balanced diet for dogs. Dogs have short, simple digestive tracts, a high level of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, hinged jaws, and pointy teeth — they are anatomically designed to derive their nutrients from raw animal protein, bones, and fat.

The food our dogs eat has a direct impact on how they live.

Benefits of raw diet for dogs

Switching a dog with an existing health problem to a raw diet can often produce an improvement in their condition. Among healthy pets, a balanced raw diet for dogs is likely to help prevent some of the illnesses that are common in many canines today.
Most importantly, a high quality, balanced raw meat diet for dogs will help promote a long, healthy, and happy life for your companion animal.
The best raw diet for dogs can help with
  • Improved digestion
  • Better weight control
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Softer, healthier skin and coat
  • Reduction in allergies
  • Smaller, firmer stools
  • Mealtime excitement
  • Stronger immune system

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The healthiest food for your dog is raw.

Kibble has only been around for about 100 years. In that time there has been a drastic and continued increase of disease in our pets — chronic degenerative diseases; auto-immune diseases; allergies; kidney, pancreatic, and liver diseases; cancer, and more. Experts believe these diseases are directly related to eating a processed diet that is species-inappropriate.
This is not surprising: Kibble is usually cooked in heats of excess of 212 degrees F, thereby destroying all the essential elements and making it harder on a canine's digestive system. Kibble pet food manufacturers add these elements back in, usually by spraying them on after the process. Many vitamins and minerals are depleted after being paired with so many preservatives in kibble.
Luckily, there's a better way:people who switch their pets from a highly processed kibble diet to a diet that closely duplicates what dogs ate in the wild — a natural, raw dog food diet — will often see positive results within just a couple of weeks. Over time, the health benefits can be life-changing and long-lasting.
A well balanced raw food diet for dogs includes all the nutrients your pet needs to thrive. And with We Feed Raw, it's easy for pet owners to begin feeding a raw diet to their dog today.
Deborah B.

I used to feed 'high-quality' kibble because I didn't know better and my dogs became sicker, weaker, and 'old' before their time. Since switching to We Feed Raw, their health, mental, physical, and emotional states is nothing short of miraculous. I highly recommend this company — it will change your fur babies' lives.

Why is raw better than cooked?

Fresh, cooked food is not bad food (and it's certainly better than kibble), but with raw, you're feeding food in its most digestible state.For dogs, cooking the food alters its makeup, causing essential nutrients and enzymes to become less bioavailable.Put simply: with cooked foods, your dog has to work harder to get the nutrients he needs.

Is raw food safe?

A balanced raw diet for dogs made from high-quality meats is the healthiest option for your pet, but it's important to remember that a proper raw diet is more than just ground hamburger meat from the grocery store. The right ratios of muscle meat, organ meat, and bone, as well as the correct levels of vitamins and minerals, are critical to getting a raw diet right.That's where we come in with our balanced raw diet recipe for dogs.Our pre-mixed meals are complete and balanced and exceed AAFCO nutrition standards, which means your pet will get everything they need, and just that. With We Feed Raw, you don't have to worry about a thing--our balanced raw diet recipes for dogs were developed by a PhD pet nutritionist and specifically formulated to cover all the nutritional needs of your dog.It's never been easier to provide a well balanced raw diet for your dog.Quality and safety are our top priorities, which is why all of our food goes through HPP (high-pressure processing).HPP is an all-natural technology that employs ultra-high water pressure to neutralize food-borne pathogens such as Listeria, E. Coli, and Salmonella. Because this process uses pressure rather than heat, the nutritional value of the food is not affected. This way you can be confident you're feeding your pet fresh, nutritious raw foods as safely as possible.

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A balanced raw diet for dogs can be tailored to your pet's size, age, and tastes. We've made it easy to get started with a raw diet for your dog in just a few clicks.