We Feed Raw reviews from real pet parents.
Stephen P.
Excellent in service and quality!Excellent service and excellent quality dog food. Thanks for keeping my dogs healthy and happy.
Katie C.
She enjoys what she's eating!I can't express just how happy it makes me to see Journey CHOW DOWN at meal time. I no longer worry if she's getting enough to eat or if she's getting the nutrients she needs. It makes my heart so happy to see her enjoying what she's eating!
Courtney B.
Healthy benefitsBecause of his diet, Tucker has never been sick, never had allergies, and grows a beautiful, healthy coat.
Jenn G.
Incredible companyMy two pups have been eating We Feed Raw for the last 3.5 years and I plan to be a customer for life. Both of my dogs are healthy, happy, and they never grow tired of their daily breakfast. Incredible company with amazing customer service that truly cares for your canines.
Megan S.
Wonderful company!We Feed Raw is a great company! It's been over a year since we started ordering our dog's food and my dog loves breakfast and dinner so much now. We definitely see the differences since we switched from kibble to raw! Good differences! They have great customer service as well and are just an overall wonderful company!
Manju M.
Healthy dogsI have been feeding my dogs We Feed Raw for 3 years now and they love their food, their coats are always shining. They are active, happy, healthy dogs.
The We Feed Raw Effect
Catherine A.
My boys love itBest of the best! I have been a WFR customer for 3 yrs for both my Labradoodles, and have been nothing but delighted with the quality, the customer service, the choices, and the price.They have never missed a shipment, it's reliable, well packed and so convenient. My boys love it. They are the picture of health and happiness. I believe in raw feeding, I don't have time to do everything from scratch, and so the We Feed Raw offering is absolutely perfect for us.
Mikel B.
Outstanding productsWe have been feeding WFR for almost 4 years. Their product has been outstanding. WFR customer service has always been responsive and helpful. They continue to upgrade the packaging and decrease the shipping times. I have nothing but good things to say.
Nicole R.
Easy to feedHappy (my dog) and I love We Feed Raw. We have used WFR for many years - it is like our medication. Happy likes the different meals every day, he gets so excited to eat, and the packets are easy to feed.
John M.
Vet LovedPiper is THRIVING since starting We Feed Raw. No more hives or excessive gas and the vet is always complimenting me on how shiny and plaque-free her teeth are!
This isn't dog food. It's "I LOVE MY DOG" food.
Meghan W.
Above & beyondI have been a customer of We Feed Raw for several years. I transitioned to raw food at the recommendation of my trainer. My dog has been healthy and happy since! This company communicates well with customers and goes above and beyond in their customer service. I highly recommend them.
Andrew M.
Fresh, biologically appropriate dietLumikki deserves the best chance at a happy, healthy life, which is why I'm set on feeding her a fresh, biologically appropriate diet and not a highly processed, carb-loaded one.
Holly S.
We love it!Our family has been using We Feed Raw for years and we will continue to do so because we love it! Our dogs are healthier and happier on raw. Plus, with WFR, we know they are getting top-notch food without imbalances. Amazing company! Could not be happier!
Angela F.
Customers for lifeWe are so happy with We Feed Raw. My dog is in great health, her teeth are in beautiful condition for a dog her age. Customer service has been so helpful. We are customers for life.
Christina C.
The customer service is unmatched!I have been using We Feed Raw for over 3 years now for my three pups. Two suffered from allergies that improved drastically with a raw diet. This company is amazing. Great quality and the customer service is unmatched! I can't recommend them enough. No matter where I live in the U.S., I will feed all my dogs We Feed Raw.
Peter R.
Breeder recommendedGreat product, breeder recommended, have been using for the last few years. Dogs have done amazing on this food, no allergies, never sick, no stomach problems, which is rare for German Shepherds. Great customer service as well.
Janis B.
THE BEST!We Feed Raw is THE BEST! Best food, best bones and BEST customer service any dog owner could ask for! My 11 yr old Golden Retriever agrees whole-heartedly! Keep it up, guys! We need you!

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