How to Find the Best Raw Dog Food (1)

Top High-Quality Dog Food: Why Raw Diets Rule

When searching for the best dog food, you only want to consider high-quality dog food. After all, how could low-quality dog food be the best?

When you’re looking for high-quality dog foods, you should have raw dog food at the top of your list. While kibble can get away with using low-quality ingredients that aren’t suitable for people, high-quality food for dogs sources human-grade ingredients and keeps them raw so they’re as nutritious as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at why a raw diet is the best high-quality food for dogs.

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Introduction to High-Quality Dog Food Raw Diets

What is raw dog food, and why is it the best dog food? How can you choose the best raw dog food? What makes a raw diet high-quality dog food?

What Is Raw Dog Food?

Raw dog food is made from uncooked muscle meat, organ meat, and bones in proportions that are similar to the prey that dogs would eat in the wild. Raw dog food ingredients might be whole or ground and may or may not include fruits or vegetables. Dogs have no nutritional requirements for carbohydrates or grains of any kind in their diet.

Why Raw? Dogs Are Carnivores

While a Pug may not look much like a wolf, the digestive systems of dogs are remarkably similar to their wolf ancestors, indicating that domestic dogs are still carnivores designed to thrive on a raw diet:

  • •Pointy teeth and jaws that only move up and down are ideal for ripping and tearing flesh, not grinding plant matter

  • •Highly acidic stomachs and a lack of salivary amylase are perfect for digesting meat, organs, and bones rather than carbohydrates

  • •Short digestive tracts are only suitable for extracting nutrients from meat and bones, not fruits, vegetables, or grains

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Why Raw Is Crucial for Dogs’ Health and Wellbeing

Since dogs are designed to derive nutrients from raw meat and bone, carb-rich kibble is one of the biggest contributors to life-shortening obesity. Obesity causes or contributes to numerous health conditions, including:

  • •Diabetes

  • •Cancer

  • •High blood pressure

  • •Heart disease

  • •Bladder stones

  • •Complications from anesthesia

  • •Arthritis and other joint problems

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How to Choose the Best Raw Dog Food

While a raw diet is definitely the best dog food, not all raw brands count as high-quality dog food. Look for a raw dog food that:

  • •Is nutritionally complete and balanced. Some raw foods are only designed for intermittent or supplemental feeding and may cause malnutrition when fed long-term without additional food or supplements.

  • •Uses USDA-certified meat rather than feed-grade proteins.

  • •Uses a kill step. While healthy dogs can handle bacteria in their food without getting sick, people, puppies, and unwell dogs aren’t so lucky. Choose a dog food company that uses high-pressure processing (HPP) or another kill step to inactivate potential pathogens.

  • •Is formulated by a PhD animal nutritionist who has spent decades researching the best diet for dogs and other animals.

We Feed Raw is nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages, including the growth of large-breed puppies. Our recipes were created by a PhD animal nutritionist with 40 years of experience, and they’re made with USDA-certified meat in BRC-safe food manufacturing facilities. We also use HPP to ensure our food is safe to feed your dog.

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Advantages of the Best High-Quality Raw Dog Foods

The best high-quality raw dog foods have many advantages, such as:

  • •Cleaner teeth

  • •Healthier, softer skin and coat

  • •Reduced allergies

  • •Smaller, firmer, less-frequent stools

  • •Mealtime excitement

  • •Stronger immune system

  • •Improved digestion

  • •Better weight control

Transitioning to a High-Quality Raw Dog Food Diet

As with any diet change, switching a dog to a high-quality raw dog food too quickly may cause some digestive upset, so it’s best to transition your dog to a raw diet slowly, over the course of about 10 days. Gradually give your dog more of the new raw food and less of their old food until they’re eating only the raw diet.

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Conclusion: The Search for the Best High-Quality Raw Dog Food

If you’re looking for the best high-quality dog food, you’ve found it with We Feed Raw! We ship nutritionally complete and balanced patties to your door and tell you how much to feed based on many factors such as your dog’s age, weight, breed, body condition, and activity level.

Take our quiz now to get your dog started on the life-changing benefits of a raw diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is considered the best dog food for my pet?

The best dog food is a complete and balanced raw diet like We Feed Raw that uses a kill step to inactivate potential pathogens in the meat. Dogs are designed to thrive on raw muscle meat, organ meat, and bone rather than carb-rich kibble, which was designed for the convenience of dog owners rather than the health of dogs.

How do I choose the best high-quality dog food?

The best high-quality dog food should be rich in protein from animal sources, low in species-inappropriate carbohydrates, raw, nutritionally balanced, and made from human-quality ingredients rather than feed-grade ingredients.


What makes a dog food high-quality?

Things that make a dog food high-quality include:

  • •Plenty of muscle meat, organ meat, and bone (preferably all raw) high in the ingredient list

  • •A lack of obesity-causing carbohydrates

  • •Human-grade meat from farms in the USA, New Zealand, or other trusted sources

  • •A kill step like HPP to inactivate potential pathogens

Are high-quality dog foods safer for my dog?

Yes, high-quality dog foods tend to be safer for dogs because they’re less likely to contain ingredients that could make your dog sick. For example, a high-quality raw dog food like We Feed Raw that uses high-pressure processing (HPP) is much less likely to contain salmonella or other pathogens than low-quality dog foods. Even kibble gets recalled due to salmonella contamination from time to time, but We Feed Raw has never been involved in a recall.

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What are the benefits of feeding my dog high-quality food?

Some of the many benefits of feeding your dog a high-quality raw diet include:

  • •Better weight control

  • •Improved digestion

  • •Stronger immune system

  • •Mealtime excitement

  • •Smaller, firmer stools

  • •Reduction in allergies

  • •Softer, healthier skin and coat

  • •Cleaner teeth

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We Feed Raw Leads the Pack in High-Quality Dog Food

Are you ready to provide your beloved dog with the pinnacle of nutrition and health benefits? Say goodbye to carb-laden kibble and embrace the raw revolution with We Feed Raw! Our meticulously crafted raw diet, backed by the expertise of a PhD animal nutritionist with 40 years of experience, is just a click away from transforming your dog's life.

We Feed Raw combines the convenience of direct-to-door delivery with the assurance of USDA-certified meats, the safety of high-pressure processing (HPP), and the guarantee of a balanced diet suitable for any life stage. Witness the joy and vitality your dog exhibits with every meal, complete with cleaner teeth, softer skin, a lustrous coat, and overall improved well-being.

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Why settle for average when you can give your dog the best? Transition smoothly and safely to a high-quality raw food diet with We Feed Raw, and observe the remarkable difference it makes. Take our quiz today and customize a meal plan that caters to your dog's unique requirements.

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