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Choosing the Best Senior Dog Food: Your Raw Diet Blueprint

The best senior dog food could give your pup more quality years, while low-quality dog food could make your dog sick and cut their life short. 

So, what is the best dog food for senior dogs? What makes raw the best food for senior dogs? How can you seamlessly transition your senior pup to raw dog food?

Here’s everything you need to know about the best dog food for seniors: a nutritionally complete raw diet.

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Introduction to the Best Senior Dog Food: The Raw Diet

The best senior dog food is a balanced raw diet that uses a kill step to inactivate potential pathogens. What makes raw the best dog food for senior dogs? Raw dog food:

  • •Is rich in muscle-building protein and low in obesity-causing carbohydrates

  • •Promotes healthy teeth and gums

  • •Is full of beneficial fatty acids for healthy skin, coat, and joints

  • •Builds a strong immune system to help keep dogs healthy

  • •Is easier to digest than carb-rich kibble

  • •Creates less gas and smaller, firmer poop than cooked food

  • •Helps dogs reach and maintain a healthy weight

  • •May help dogs live longer, healthier lives

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How To Transition Your Senior Dog To The Best Food: The Raw Diet

If your senior pup has eaten nothing but kibble for their entire lives, they may experience some digestive issues when first transitioning to a raw diet. In the end, their digestion and poop will be better than ever, so transition slowly and push through so your dog can enjoy the many benefits of a raw diet. Here are some tips to help with the transition.

Step 1: Get Their Gut Ready

You might start giving your dog probiotics, prebiotics, kefir, or canned pumpkin puree a few days before you start the transition to raw to help give their gut a boost. Continue using gut-boosting toppers throughout the transition for the best results.

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Step 2: Introducing the Best Raw Senior Dog Food

As with any new food, you should introduce raw dog food to a senior pup gradually, over the course of about 10 days. Some senior pups may need an even longer transition period. Start by adding just a little bit of raw food to their current diet, then gradually decrease how much old food you give them while gradually increasing how much raw food you feed.

If you choose We Feed Raw, we give you even more specific instructions on how to make this gradual transition. We also have this Guide on Switching to a Raw Diet for Senior Dogs with more tips to help your pooch transition seamlessly into a raw diet.

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Tailored Feeding: Choosing the Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs

Even when you decide on a raw diet, there is no single best diet and recipe for all senior dogs. That’s why we offer 6 different recipes, 3 of which contain protein from a single animal. Our single-protein-source recipes include turkey, chicken, and beef. We also offer duck, venison, and lamb, which contain bones and organs from turkey or beef depending on the recipe to help ensure an appropriate protein-to-fat ratio for every recipe.

Extra Tips for Starting Your Senior Dog on a Raw Diet

Your senior pup may experience a “detox” period when switching from kibble to a raw diet. This is totally normal and may last from a few days to a few months. Adding probiotics and some canned pumpkin puree can help firm up soft stools during this detox period.

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We Feed Raw Is Here To Help You Start Your Senior Dog on the Best Senior Dog Food Diet

We Feed Raw offers nutritionally complete and balanced raw patties that contain the perfect proportions of muscle meat (with associated connective tissue and fat), organ meat, and finely ground bone with added vitamins and minerals. Our food meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for dogs of all life stages. Plus, we use a cold-pressure process to inactivate any potential pathogens while leaving beneficial bacterial strains intact.

Start your pup on the best dog food for senior dogs today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best dog food for senior dogs transitioning to a raw diet?

The best dog food for senior dogs transitioning to a raw diet is We Feed Raw. It’s nutritionally complete and balanced, safe, and easy to eat, even for dogs with dental problems.

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Can the best dog food for seniors be a raw diet?

Yes! With naturally high levels of protein and low levels of obesity-causing carbohydrates, a raw diet is the best dog food for seniors.

Should I consider the best dog food senior dogs can have if my dog has a sensitive stomach?

Yes, raw dog food is actually easier to digest than kibble and is the best senior dog food for a sensitive stomach. Dogs on raw diets tend to have fewer, smaller, firmer, and less-stinky poops than kibble-fed dogs.

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What qualities make up the best food for senior dogs?

The best food for senior dogs is:

  • •High in protein

  • •Low in carbs

  • •Easy to eat

  • •Safe

  • •Easily digestible

  • •Good for oral health

How can I find the best senior dog food for my dog's specific health requirements?

If your dog has specific health conditions, you should talk to a holistic vet about the best senior dog food. While a raw diet is best for most senior dogs, it may not be right for all senior dogs.

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Is dog food for senior dogs different from regular dog food?

Sometimes. Some dog foods are tailored specifically for senior dogs, while others, like We Feed Raw, are perfect for dogs of all life stages.

What is the best dog food for senior dogs?

The best dog food for senior dogs is a complete and balanced raw diet. We Feed Raw is nutritionally complete, delicious, and easy for even toothless dogs to eat without a problem.

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Why is a raw diet considered one of the best dog food options for seniors?

A raw diet is the best dog food for senior dogs because it’s easy to digest, rich in muscle-building protein, low in obesity-causing carbs, and full of beneficial fatty acids.

How can I ensure I'm choosing the best dog food for my senior dog?

A raw diet is the best dog food for most senior dogs, but your veterinarian would be the best person to ask what food is best for your dog specifically based on their health.

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Is a raw diet the best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Yes! Since raw is easier for dogs to digest than cooked food and is naturally limited-ingredient, a raw diet is the best senior dog food for sensitive stomachs.

Which is the best senior dog food for dogs with a sensitive stomach?

We Feed Raw is the best senior dog food for dogs with a sensitive stomach since it’s easy to digest, nutritionally complete, and free of potentially problematic pathogens.

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What should I look for in dog food for senior dogs?

Dog food for senior dogs should be:

  • •High in protein

  • •Low in carbs

  • •Easy to eat

  • •Safe

  • •Easily digestible

  • •Good for oral health

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