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If you've been following us for a while, you're probably familiar with many of the incredible success stories we’ve shared from our customers. Nothing makes us happier than getting honest feedback from real people about how We Feed Raw has improved their dog's overall well-being.

But there have also been a number of editors (who happen to be dog owners) that have written about We Feed Raw as well. In fact, multiple publications have decided that We Feed Raw is an excellent option for your dog, often rated as the best raw dog food delivery choice. We wanted to share just some of these incredible reviews because they're a testament to why we do what we do.

How Much Raw Food To Feed Your Dog

Dog Food Advisor

We received a TOP RATING of 5 stars from Dog Food Advisor, earning us an “enthusiastically recommended” title from a well-respected, longtime publication strictly focused on dog food reviews. Dog Food Advisor goes on to say "We Feed Raw is a grain-free raw dog food using a significant amount of named meats and organs as its dominant source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars."

Dog Food Advisor also mentions there are "No recalls noted" for We Feed Raw - and Dog Food Advisor has been THE trusted source for dog food recalls since 2009, which goes to show how safe our raw dog food is.

Read the full Dog Food Advisor review here.


Forbes named We Feed Raw the #1 Raw Dog Food Delivery Service, "according to vets." Individual editors have taken a look at our quality ingredient list, our strict food safety program, and our success stories, and decided that We Feed Raw is the best on the market.

They go on to say: "We Feed Raw is one of the most popular raw diet delivery services today, offering meal plans that consist of 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, and 10% edible bone, as well as a vitamin and mineral mix."

For "Pros" of choosing We Feed Raw, Forbes listed:

  • •"Recipes made by a veterinarian nutritionist"

  • •"Tons of variety in meat choices"

  • •"Preservative-free and processed to neutralize bacteria"

Read the full review here.

We Feed Raw Bowl

Popular Science

We were honored to be included in The Best Dog Food Delivery Services of 2022 published by Popular Science. Drawing on the advice of an experienced veterinarian, the editors honed in on the most high-quality dog nutrition out there.

After getting a real, first-hand experience with We Feed Raw's service, editors deemed us the "Best Raw Dog Food Delivery Service" because of our customizable meal plans, our many protein options, and our strict food safety program.

Read the full review here.

Dog w Bowl of WFR & Egg 4X5

The Skimm

The Skimm rounded up the most nutritious and convenient dog food delivery services that ship directly to your door. They named We Feed Raw as the best raw dog food delivery option out there for our balanced raw meals sourced from USDA, human-grade meats.

They write, "We Feed Raw advocates for raw food since traditional kibble can be cooked with high heat (which strips away nutrients) and is hard to digest. They focus on nutrient-packed foods that can be digested very easily."

The Skimm also mentions how our recipes are developed by a PhD animal nutritionist and that everything goes through high-pressure processing to neutralize food-borne pathogens.

Read the full review here.


Pet Keen and Django

Sometimes it’s not just the editor deciding, but the editor’s dog helping to make the decision. And both Django and Pet Keen's Demon LOVE We Feed Raw, proving that it doesn’t matter the size of the dog. (Django is a tiny Dachshund and Demon is a Husky.) Both thoroughly enjoyed eating our high-quality raw meals.

Pet Keen said about We Feed Raw: "For me, I saw a company that cared for my pet and the foods he was eating. I feel it was a win all the way around."

Django loves his We Feed Raw food so much, his humans started crating him while they prepare his meals because they were worried his excited happy dance would re-injure his back after he had surgery on it for IVDD.

Read Pet Keen's full review here and Django's here.

Best Dog Food Delivery Service

People Magazine

People Magazine selected We Feed Raw as the Best Raw Dog Food Delivery Service in 2023, calling us "the premier raw dog food delivery service on the market, providing complete and well-balanced raw meals to dogs everywhere." They go on to mention our goal of feeding dogs the healthiest diet possible by recreating meals similar to what they would eat in the wild.

The fine folks at People liked that we offer 6 proteins (chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, duck, and venison) and that our patties are minimally processed and made from USDA-certified meats.

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