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Finding healthy dog food has never been easier than with a raw diet.
We all want our dogs to live longer. The good news is, with the right diet, they can. Studies show that dogs who are fed a raw diet live up to 3 years longer.

Dog Food for Digestive Issues

Choose the raw diet for dogs with digestion issues.
Whoever made dogs (and we can't thank them enough) designed them to eat raw meat. Whether you're looking at a small breed like a Chihuahua or a large Bernese Mountain Dog, an athletic agility star or a couch potato, what all of our pups have in common are short, simple digestive tracts, a high level of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, hinged jaws, and pointy teeth. Despite their different looks and domestication, they are anatomically designed to thrive on a raw meat-based diet. Today's raw diets mimic what dogs have eaten in the wild for millennia. Why is this particularly important for dogs with digestive issues? When dogs are fed raw, biologically appropriate foods, their bodies are able to properly utilize the nutrients. With cooked foods and/or highly processed foods, your dog has to work harder to get the nutrients they need. There is also the bioavailability element (the proportion of a nutrient that is absorbed and utilized). While humans need to cook their meats, dogs receive the most nutrients from raw foods. A survey among We Feed Raw clients revealed that 96% of their dogs had smaller, firmer, less smelly poops after switching to a raw diet. This is no surprise, especially for dogs with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues. With raw, you're feeding food in its most digestible state. Great in, great out. On the other hand, a dog on a commercial dry diet will often have big, messy poops that are hard to clean up. Pee-ew.
Allergies are one of the most common reasons for vet visits, and we're not just talking about environmental allergies. Many dogs have flare-ups and are allergic to ingredients found in their everyday dry dog food. Save your dog the stress of an allergic reaction (and your wallet the expense) by choosing a health-forward approach to dog food.Raw diets are high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates. They are naturally anti-inflammatory, support your dog's immune system, and make the perfect diet for dogs with allergies. When diets are packed with fillers, like grains and other species-inappropriate ingredients, this can trigger an allergic response in dogs, like an upset stomach, ear infection, or other allergy symptoms such as itchy, inflamed skin.The best raw food for dogs with allergies is made up of real ingredients you can recognize. Unlike commercial dry diets and other popular cooked diets, they're free of ingredients your dog wasn't meant to digest in large quantities, things like corn and legumes. The raw diet is one of the few truly and naturally grain-free dog food options for your pet.While small quantities of things like legumes and potatoes won't likely harm your pooch, these ingredients are not species-appropriate and should not be the main ingredient of any canine diet. Feeding these ingredients in high proportions can lead to an inflammatory response and leave a poor pup in discomfort.The best raw dog food for allergies is made from high-quality proteins, sourced from human-grade meats, and free of fillers.

Best Raw Diet for Dogs with Allergies

Raw food diet recipes for dogs with allergies are here to save the day.

Best Dog Food for Skin & Coat Health

Shinier coat or less sensitive skin, your pup's glow-up is about to begin.
The raw diet for dogs with skin allergies is a game-changer, but what about other skin conditions? Is raw the best dog food for skin health in dogs? 9 out of 10 We Feed Raw clients said their dogs' skin and coat got healthier after switching to a raw diet.Raw diets make dogs' skin less greasy and oily, which in turn leads to softer coats. With the right balance of amino acids and omega fatty acids, raw diets promote the healthy function of skin cells. In fact, a recent study at the University of Helsinki has proven that puppies fed raw have fewer instances of canine atopic dermatitis as adults than puppies fed kibble. In short: raw-fed dogs are always ready for their close-ups. Why? Because gut health affects skin health and raw-fed dogs have healthy guts.Biologically inappropriate diets and those devoid of proper nutrients lead to inflammation and allergic responses. Clean, raw, bioavailable nutrition allows the body to function optimally, resulting in shiny, picture-perfect coats and an itch-free life!
Dogs who get urinary tract infections and bladder struvite stones often do so because of a diet lacking in moisture. Raw food is a good solution for dogs with urinary health problems because of the naturally occurring high moisture content in the food, which is about 70%.The high moisture content helps dilute the urine and potentially eliminates and prevents struvites. Low-moisture foods, such as dry food, can lead to chronic dehydration in dogs, which puts them at a higher risk of urinary issues.Pets rarely have urinary problems on the raw diet.

Raw Dog Food for Urinary Health

Keep your pup comfortable when they do their business.

Dog Food for Weight Loss

Help your dog look and feel their best.
Not all calories are created equal. Protein-packed, nutrient-dense, moisture-rich raw diets allow your dog to lose excess weight or gain what's needed. Raw diets are low in carbs and high in protein and fat (a dog's greatest source of energy).In fact, 90% of our customers said their dogs maintained a healthy weight after switching to We Feed Raw. Carb-heavy commercial pet foods filled with species-inappropriate ingredients are the leading cause of obesity and diabetes in dogs today. If you're seeking dog food for weight loss and dog weight management, you can't go wrong with perfectly portioned raw meals.
This is a no-brainer. When food tastes better, it performs better (think: tons of tail wags and happy barks). Most dogs find the raw diet highly palatable, which means more mealtime excitement guaranteed.It's the same for us: it's so much easier to get excited for fresh, real, tasty food our bodies crave over a bowl of dry cereal, right? Dry cereal may be ok once in a while, but nobody wants to eat that for every meal. Bo-ring.

Dog Food for Picky Eaters

Even fussy eaters approve of this ingredient list.

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